Register Here For The 3 on 3 Tournament

Here's what you need to know

  • 3 Players Per Team
  • 2 Games Guaranteed To Play
  • Coed Teams Are Welcomed
  • All Skill Levels Are Included

Teams are based on the age of the players, the two divisions are Youth division ages 7 to 12, and Adult division ages 13 and above. Below is a list of tournament rules:

  1. First team to score 11 points
  2. All baskets count as one point
  3. 2 Game Elimination
  4. Each team is allowed two timeouts per game
  5. Possession changes teams on made baskets
  6. Out of bounds, travel, double dribble and fouls will be called by referee
  7. One point will be awarded on any unsportsmanlike conduct

Please fill out this form completely, we will contact you directly for payment. All teams must pay fee before playing first game.