Departmental Ministries

Evangelism Department

The mission of the Department of Evangelism is to mobilize the Evangelistic Jurisdiction as a Global Evangelistic organization through the manifestation and power of the Holy Ghost to fulfill the Great Commission by demonstration of the Love of Jesus Christ throughout the world in word, deed and signs. The ministry components include; Street & Door-to-Door Witnessing, Prison & Penal Institution, Hospital & Convalescent, Tent Revivals and Crusades. Our Motto: The Flame of Evangelism must never Go Out!

Mother Evelyn Richardson

Missions Department

The mission of the Mission Department is to recruit, train, and deploy Spirit-filled servants into all the world to meet the spiritual and natural needs of humanity.

Music Department

Our mission is to usher God’s presence in by our music and worship arts. Our goal is to minister a new song unto the Lord with both talent and anointing. While, these come only by the Holy Ghost, we must strive for excellence. The objective of any ministry is to win souls. Our desire is to lead them to the feet of Jesus where they can find salvation.

Sunday School Department

The mission of the Sunday School Department is to edify the Body of Christ through biblical instructions through the process of integration, activation and demonstration of the word of god in the life of every Believer. Our main goal is to effectively and efficiently explain and expound on the word of God to promote consistency in spiritual growth. The ministry components include: Various Classes for Adult, Men, women and Youth of all ages. Our Motto: A Child Saved; is a Soul Saved; Plus a Life!

Pastor Jason Moore

Youth Department

The mission of the Department of Youth is to promote and provide wholesome Christian social educational and recreational events and activities for all youth boys and girls. Our main objective is to impart spiritual principles and enhance spiritual growth through social fellowship and other activities by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry components include: Youth Fellowship Service, Rap Sessions, College Network Program, Women of Excellence Pageant, King’s Kids Summer Day Camp, Youth Revivals and Crusades.