Attention CNJJ High School Seniors

Thank you for your interest in the California New Journey's AIM Scholarship Program. This initiative, powered by our Jurisdictional AIM Convention, brings together five dynamic departments: Music, Youth, Sunday School, Missions, and Evangelism. Our scholarships are designed to empower graduating high school students, fueling their journey as they step into higher education, whether it's college, technical school, or vocational institute.

Did you know? In 2021-2022, first-year undergraduates typically faced a $1,000-$1,250 expense for books and supplies. That's where we step in – our mission is to support CNJJ High School students as they venture into the exciting realm of learning, paving their paths toward fulfilling careers and educational milestones.

Now, let's talk eligibility. To be considered for our scholarships, applicants must:
  • Be enrolled, whether full or part-time, in a college, university, or approved institute of higher learning.
  • Hold active membership in a local church within the California New Journey Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ.
  • Actively participate in the California New Journey AIM Summit.
Scholarship Requirements:
  • A letter of recommendation from your local Pastor. This letter should feature the Pastor’s name, email, and contact number.

  • A comprehensive resume detailing your service and leadership experiences. This encompasses involvement in student government, athletics, the arts, religious service groups, community service, awards, special recognitions.

  • An unofficial academic transcript.

  • Signed Media & Photo Consent form.

  • A 60-second Public Service Message (PSM) adhering to the guidelines listed below.

Public Service Message

Create a 60-second video introducing yourself to the scholarship committee. Show your creativity and personality as you explain why you're the perfect fit for this scholarship. Share one of your proudest moments from high school, whether it's academic achievements, sports, clubs, or community service. Tell us about your dreams for the future and how this scholarship would help you reach them. Make sure to connect your goals to the scholarship's theme and explain how you'll make a difference in that area. Keep it fun, energetic, and let your passion shine through

Applicants are encouraged you to use their smartphones, tablets, or video cameras to create their 60-second videos. Please ensure good lighting and audio quality for optimal presentation. Once the video is edited and finalized, candidates may submit the video file via email to Please note that winning videos may be featured and played during the AIM summit.